What makes Test Preps courses different?

Our courses comprise small, ability-based groups that enable Test Preps instructors to tailor instruction and offer more personalized attention to each student. We teach our students strategies and tactics they can utilize to improve their ACT scores. While practicing these, students also review the high school math and english content tested on the ACT. Compare our program with the competition. We truly are different!

What is a typical class like?

The first two classes are two hours long to allow students a full hour to learn about each section and the tactics needed to succeed on this fast-paced test. The remaining three 1.5-hour classes include interactive strategy lessons followed by guided small group practice. Homework is assigned weekly and thoroughly checked at the beginning of every class. Students conference with the tutor to set goals and assess progress.

How much homework can I expect?

Weekly homework averages approximately 45 minutes most nights. Since we all know how busy high school students are, please be sure that your teen has the time to commit to this endeavor when you sign them up. The best time for them to take the ACT is when they can make it a priority. Missed classes must be made up before the following class at an additional fee of $125 for a 1.5-hour make-up session.


When should a student take an ACT course?

Our motto is to start early! Why wait until Spring, the busiest time of their high school tenure? We realize how busy high school students are and believe the ideal time to take the course is when their schedule allows time for the extra work involved in preparing for the ACT. Students should try an ACT in the fall to compare with their PSAT scores. If your school offers a PACT (practice ACT) during sophomore or junior year, try it!

Math readiness is critical. Students who are a year ahead in Math are ready to try the SAT or ACT as they finish Algebra 2/Trigonometry in their sophomore year. Also, consider commitments to sports, music programs, extra-curricular activities (Mock Trial, DECA, dance, musicals, etc.), and family vacations. Remember that April and May are busy for students taking AP exams!

Additionally, we strongly recommend that students take the ACT immediately upon completing the Test Preps course while the strategies and tactics are fresh in their minds.

When should we register for a Test Preps ACT course?

Because class sizes are limited to ensure our small group format, students should register as soon as possible. Classes fill up quickly, and it is not unusual for registration to be closed several weeks before the starting date.

To register for one of our classes, go to the Registration page on our website.

Can I enroll in an ACT course that has already started?

A student may still enroll in a course after the first class if spaces are available. However, the missed session must be made up before the second class. A student who registers late must pay the total course cost plus an additional fee of $125 for a 1.5-hour private make-up session.

Do you offer a guarantee that my score will increase?

Our experience has been that students who actively participate in our 5-week course and conscientiously complete all assigned homework will gain the confidence and necessary skills that are the key ingredients to success on the ACT. We do not offer a money-back “guarantee” per se, but we believe strongly that a Test Preps course guarantees a well-prepared student, which results in improved ACT scores. Our incredible growth without advertising indicates the number of referrals we have received from very satisfied clients. Please check out our Testimonial page to hear why parents and students are big fans of Test Preps!  Or ask us for a referral from someone in your school community.


What is the attendance policy?

Since each class is the foundation for the one following it, all classes are mandatory. If a student misses class, it must be made up before the next scheduled class with an additional fee of $125 for a 1.5-hour private make-up session.


What is a good score on the ACT?

Your college goals determine what is a “good” score. Checking the admissions guidelines for all the colleges you are interested in and the average ACT scores for those particular schools is very helpful.

How many times can a student take the ACT?

There is no limit to the number of times a student can take the ACT.  However, remember that simply retaking the ACT will probably not significantly increase a student’s score. Preparation and diligent practice are essential to see an improvement. That said, many colleges will “superscore” the ACT, combining scores from different sittings to obtain a higher composite score.

How do I register for the ACT?

The ACT Test Dates and registration deadlines can be found online at To avoid late registration fees and increase your chances of taking the ACT at the testing center of your choice, it is recommended that a student register for the exam at least 8 to 10 weeks before the testing date. Registration can be completed online at

2024-2025 ACT Test Dates

2024: July 15* • Sept. 14 • Oct. 26 • Dec. 14
2025:  Feb. 8 • April 5 • June 14 • July 12*

*Not offered in New York state. Visit for more information.

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