Private SAT Prep

Private SAT tutoring offers an excellent opportunity for students to prepare for the SAT in an individualized setting at a different time and location than our scheduled courses. In order to complete our full SAT Course through private tutoring, a student must commit to and prepay for a minimum of 12 hours.  For some students, an additional 2-4 hours may be recommended based on their PSAT results or previous SAT scores.  For private tutoring, students are required to purchase College Board’s The Official SAT Study Guide. Based on PSAT/SAT scores, we may recommend an additional text to focus on an area of weakness. We will provide a curriculum folder with SAT preparation materials.

The hourly rate for private SAT tutoring is $80 per hour. Dates/times/location will be arranged based on the student’s availability. If a student only needs to prepare for one section of the SAT, the hourly rate for arranging 4 or less hours of SAT tutoring is $90 per hour.

For semi-private tutoring (2 students) the hourly rate is $70 per hour, per student. For three or more students, the hourly rate is $60 per hour, per student. (Maximum: 4 students) Parents and students are responsible for forming their own small groups. Please use the Contact Us Form to indicate your interest in private tutoring.

Need Extra Tutoring?

Once a student is registered for one of our SAT Courses, they can arrange to meet privately with any of our experienced tutors. This may be helpful for students who feel they could benefit from extra one-on-one instruction to address specific areas of the SAT. The cost of additional private tutoring, when enrolled in our small-group session, is $70 per hour. Extra hours can be added before or during a class session at this special rate.

Please Contact Us for more information.

2020 – 2021 SAT Test Dates

2020:  Aug. 29 • Sept. 26 • Oct. 3 • Nov. 7 • Dec. 5
2021:   March 13 • May 8 • June 5

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