Private ACT Prep

Students interested in private ACT tutoring should plan to spend 4-6 weeks preparing for this exam.  Private ACT tutoring involves a minimum of 8.5 hours (5 sessions: two 2-hour and three 1.5-hour) to acquaint the student with the four sections of the ACT, review content as needed, and learn and practice pacing strategies and tactics. Diligent homework completion is required. Additional sessions can be scheduled as needed.

Materials: The Official ACT Prep Guide (Wiley) is the best ACT preparation text because it contains real ACTs.

Cost: The hourly rate for private ACT tutoring is $90 per hour. Dates/times/location will be arranged based on the student’s availability.  If a student only needs to prepare for one section of the ACT, at least two sessions are required.

For semi-private tutoring (2 students), the hourly rate is $80 per hour per student. For three or more students, the hourly rate is $70 per hour per student. (Maximum: 4 students) Parents and students are responsible for forming their own small groups. Please contact us if you are interested in private tutoring.

Don’t go into the ACT cold! Consider our ACT Preview, which can be scheduled before any national ACT test date. This 2-hour seminar covers the format of the ACT and important pacing strategies with opportunities for guided practice and content review with the tutor. Cost: $200

2024-2025 ACT Test Dates

2024: July 15* • Sept. 14 • Oct. 26 • Dec. 14
2025:  Feb. 8 • April 5 • June 14 • July 12*

*Not offered in New York state. Visit for more information.

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