ACT Prep

Did you know...

– All colleges across the United States will accept an ACT score in lieu of an SAT score and in recent years, more students chose the ACT over the SAT!
– The 4 scores on the ACT are averaged so that a strength in one area can compensate for a weakness in another
– Many colleges will now “superscore” ACT subscores from several sittings!



ACT Course Length

Five classes (8.5 hours total) held on Sundays!

Class Format

At Test Preps, our philosophy is that small group instruction is the right way to prepare for the ACT.  Each class begins with a mini-lesson that teaches strategies that are specific to the four sections of the ACT. This includes guided practice and pacing drills to increase speed, which is a key element to success on the ACT. All students will individually conference with the instructor to set goals and then check their progress.


The Official ACT Prep Guide (Wiley) is included in the cost of the course. We will also provide a curriculum folder with ACT preparation materials.


Approximately  45 minutes of daily homework is assigned at each class. Success in our ACT course depends on the work a student puts in at home internalizing the strategies we teach and then conscientiously completing practice tests under timed conditions and correcting homework.


Attendance is mandatory because each lesson builds upon the previous class. Missed classes must be made up before the following class at an additional cost of $100 for a 1.5-hour session.  If two students can share a make-up class, the cost is $75 each.


The cost of our ACT course is $450.  A $25 discount is available if a student signs up with a friend!

Want to try the ACT to compare test results with your PSAT/SAT scores? Consider an ACT Preview session which can be scheduled prior to any of the national test dates. This 2-hour private session covers the format of the ACT and important pacing strategies with an opportunity for guided practice with the tutor.

2021-2022 ACT Test Dates

2021: Sept. 11 • Oct. 23 • Dec. 11
2022:  Feb. 12 • April 2 • June 11 • July 16*

*Not offered in New York state. Visit for more information.

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