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At Test Preps, our mission is to motivate and encourage all students to acquire the skills, tactics and confidence needed to achieve their best score on the SAT and ACT.  We accomplish this by offering small-group preparation courses on Sundays and private/semi-private tutoring options. SAT and ACT Courses start 5-6 weeks prior to each test.


BREAKING NEWS: February 9th ACT now offered in New York!   Read more…

We have scheduled an ACT Prep Course starting Sunday, January 6th to prepare students for this ACT.  Register today to reserve your spot!

Also newly added to our schedule:  SAT Boot Camp over February Break!


Got your PSAT scores and are now wondering whether the SAT is the best option for you? At Test Preps, we recommend also trying a practice ACT so you can compare results with your PSAT scores. These tests are very different! Many students find the common-core math on the SAT challenging while others dislike the fast pace of the ACT. The good news is that both SAT and ACT scores are accepted by all colleges for admissions! Targeting the right test first can save you time and money. Check out our SAT versus ACT chart to learn more about each test.

Get a head start on your SAT/ACT prep this winter well before life gets busy with spring sports, AP exams, proms, music/dance performances and finals. Contact us to discuss a plan that meets your academic needs and accommodates your busy schedule. We are here for you!

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Dates & Deadlines

  • Jan 4 Deadline to register for 2/9 ACT now held in NY!
  • Sunday, 1/6: ACT Course begins – NEW!
  • Sunday, 1/27: SAT Course begins
  • Sunday, 1/27: ACT Preview Class
  • Feb. 8 Deadline to register for 3/9 SAT
  • Tuesday, 2/19: SAT BOOT CAMP begins – NEW!
  • March 8 Deadline to register for 4/13 ACT
  • Sunday, 3/10: ACT Course begins
  • Sunday, 3/17: SAT Course begins
  • Sunday, 3/31: ACT Preview Class
  • April 5 Deadline to register for 5/4 SAT
  • May 3 Deadline to register for 6/1 SAT & 6/8 ACT
  • Sunday, 5/5: ACT Course begins
  • Sunday, 6/2: ACT Preview Class
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