Welcome to Test Preps

At Test Preps, our mission is to motivate and encourage all students to acquire the skills, tactics and confidence needed to achieve their best score on the SAT and ACT.  We accomplish this by offering small-group preparation courses on Sundays, Boot Camps and private tutoring options.

Juniors:  Not thrilled with your PSAT scores?  Call us to discuss the next step, SAT or ACT prep!  And why wait until Spring to get started?  That is the busiest time of your high school tenure. The ideal time to take a prep course is when your schedule allows time for the extra work involved in preparing for the SAT/ACT.  Math readiness is critical but also consider commitments to sports, music programs, extra-curricular activities, AP exams and family vacations. 

Let’s talk about YOUR busy schedule and when is the best time for YOU to prepare!


Too busy to prep?  Join us for our ACT Boot Camp over April Break!  

Just trying the ACT in April?  Don’t go in cold! Register for our ACT Preview Class on Sunday, April 12th!


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Dates & Deadlines

  • M-F  Feb. 16-20:  SAT Boot Camp (Amherst)
  • Sunday, March 1:  SAT Course begins (Wmsvl & OP)
  • Sunday, March 8:  ACT Course begins (Wmsvl)
  • March 13:  Deadline to register for 4/18 ACT
  • M-F  April 6-10: ACT Boot Camp (Amherst)
  • April 6:  Deadline to register for 5/2 SAT
  • Sunday, April 12:  ACT Preview Class (Wmsvl & OP)
  • Sunday, April 12:  SAT Course begins (Wmsvl)
  • May 8:  Deadline to register for 6/6 SAT & 6/13 ACT
  • Sunday, May 10:  ACT Course begins (Wmsvl & OP)
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