January 23rd, 2012

The Boot Camp Model

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The boot-camp format for SAT and ACT prep is booming not just in Western New York, but across the country.  There are a few good reasons.

First, teenagers’ schedules make President Obama’s look lackadaisical.  In early for a club meeting, after- school practice, tournaments on weekends, room for another commitment simply doesn’t exist.  And even when a few hours can be carved out of the schedule, there is no regularity to them, so a weekly prep class isn’t feasible.  Test Preps’ Boot Camps are held over school breaks.  We target the calm spot in the school schedule so kids can focus on improving their scores, getting into the colleges of their choice and earning more scholarship money.  What’s more, boot camp attendees are taught the same tactics and strategies that they’d learn if they signed up for our traditional SAT or ACT class, they receive the same interactive instruction, the same personalized attention.  

Another benefit of boot camps is their intensity.  No lectures, no tedious note taking. Teens are active right from the get go internalizing strategies, perfecting pacing, and taking tests.  Much like the no-nonsense test day itself, our boot camps are single minded about improving teens SAT and ACT scores.

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