At Test Preps, our mission is to motivate and encourage all students to acquire the skills, tactics, and confidence needed to achieve their best scores on the digital SAT and the ACT.

Summer/Fall 2024 dSAT and ACT preparation course schedules for Amherst, NY are now available!


Learn about the new digital SAT that launched in March, 2024 – Read our blog!

Thinking about applying test-optional? Keep in mind that test-optional doesn’t mean “test-blind.” Learn more!


JUNIORS:  Want to know whether the digital SAT or the ACT is the best option for you? We strongly recommend trying a free practice ACT to compare results with your digital PSAT score. Ask us how! These two tests are very different, but the good news is that both dSAT and ACT scores are accepted by colleges for admission! Targeting the test that is a better fit for you first can save time and money. 

Contact us to discuss a plan that meets your academic needs and accommodates your busy high school schedule. Test Preps offers small-group dSAT and ACT Courses in Amherst (in-person) and private tutoring options, which can be done in person or via Zoom. Our experienced tutors are here to help and support you throughout the college process!

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Dates & Deadlines 

  • 6/1 dSAT Test 
  • Mon. 8/5: dSAT Course begins
  • Wed. 8/14: ACT Course begins
  • 8/24 dSAT Test
  • Tues. 8/27: dSAT Course begins
  • 9/14 ACT Test
  • Thurs. 9/26: ACT Course begins
  • 10/5 dSAT Test
  • 10/26 ACT Test
  • Wed. 10/30: dSAT Course begins
  • 11/2 dSAT Test
  • Tues. 11/12: ACT Course begins
  • 12/7 dSAT Test
  • 12/14 ACT Test
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