Dear Parents and Students,

Thank you for considering Test Preps for your college test preparation needs!

When I started teaching in 1992, most classrooms had a “lecture” type format with a teacher standing before a large group of students presenting material. Some students continually participated, others appeared to be paying attention, but some tuned right out.

However, in my first teaching experience, I worked with students in a small group setting and noticed a big difference. In small groups, the students participated in discussions, asked numerous questions, and became engaged in their learning. My instruction was much more effective because the students were actively involved. The teacher-student connection also encouraged students to become committed to their work and motivated to achieve.

Several years later, I had the opportunity to teach a “one-size-fits-most” SAT preparation class for a local school district. Although the curriculum was fine, most students only achieved modest success due to the large group and lecture format. The dynamic interaction that is best achieved in small groups was missing. I was then approached by a group of parents to privately tutor their children for the SAT. We met weekly in the students’ homes as a small group, and I was amazed by the difference. The kids willingly participated in our lessons and discussions and were motivated and engaged – far beyond what I had observed in the large group SAT classes. Thus, my first “kitchen table” SAT study group was born! Several weeks after the students took the SAT, I was thrilled as they called to share their scores with me. This experience led me from teaching to a new career.

Fast-forward more than twenty years, and I’m proud to say that my team at Test Preps has successfully prepared thousands of area high school students for the SAT and ACT. Great scores and satisfied parents resulted in a snowball of referrals—from one terrific family to the next. Test Preps provides an exceptional option for parents and students looking for a distinct advantage in their college preparation.

We look forward to working with your family!

Melissa Cook
Owner and Director
B.S. The Ohio State University
MS Ed.SUNY College at Buffalo
Permanently Certified New York State Teacher

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