August 27th, 2023

Hello digital SAT!

Are You Ready for the SAT Changes in 2024?

No more worrying about making a mistake bubbling your answer sheet, waiting for proctors to collect test booklets, or waiting a couple of weeks for test results. The new fully digital SAT launches in March of 2024!

International students have already experienced the new test format and report that the digital SAT is shorter and less stressful than the paper and pencil version. Be sure to take the digital PSAT offered in Fall 2023 to see if this option might be the right test for you.


What You Need to Know About the New Digital SAT

Beginning in March of 2024, students can expect to see the following changes in the SAT:

  • Digital test format. To stay relevant to students’ learning (and life) experiences, the SAT will be fully digital—and the paper and pencil version of the test will no longer be available. College Board believes this will make the test easier for students accustomed to learning and testing using digital devices.
  • The new test is adaptive. The level of difficulty for subsequent test sections is based on test performance. This adaptive format improves test security by creating a unique test format for each student.
  • The digital SAT is shorter. Yay! The digital version clocks in at two hours and fourteen minutes, shaving nearly an hour off the pencil and paper test.
  • The reading passages are shorter, too. No more huge blocks of text with multiple questions related to each passage. New digital SAT reading and math questions will be more concise, with one reading question corresponding to each shorter passage.
  • You can use a graphing calculator for the entire math section. Bonus: The exam will have a built-in graphing calculator!
  • Faster results. You won’t have to 2 weeks or more to receive scores. Scores will likely be delivered within days.

Digital SAT Accessibility:

  • You don’t need to own a digital device. Students can take the digital SAT using their own laptop/tablet, use a school-issued device, or borrow a College Board device.
  • You won’t lose your work during a power outage. Don’t worry! The new SAT ensures students won’t lose their work during a power outage.
  • It’s not a take-home test. The digital SAT will be a proctored test offered during the school day and on weekends.
  • You’ll get academic/career advice. The new digital SAT score report will also include information about two-year colleges, workforce training programs, and career opportunities tied to your achievements, interests, and financial goals.


What ISN’T Changing with the Digital SAT?

The new digital test format holds many changes, some things remain the same. The test will be based on a 1600-point scale and contain Reading/Writing, and Math sections. Although students will have access to a digital countdown clock and a way to flag questions within each section to come back to them for further thought, they will not be able to return to previous sections once the time has elapsed.


Test Preparation is the Key to a Great Score

Although many colleges have gone test-optional during the last few years, a great SAT score can help you stand out during the competitive college application process. Remember that test-optional doesn’t mean test-blind; colleges will still look at your great score and can use it for merit scholarships! Contact Test Preps today to talk about the pros and cons of the new digital format. Some students may benefit from taking the pencil and paper version in 2023—but all will benefit from our tried-and-true SAT test-taking tactics and strategies. Contact Test Preps today!

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