Digital SAT versus ACT

Digital SAT  ACT


Question types:

Computer test with 2-stage adaptive test questions

Multiple choice and student-produced responses for 25% of Math questions

Paper and pencil test


All multiple choice

Structure 2 Sections:


  • 2 modules – 32 min. each
  • 54 questions total


  • 2 modules – 35 min. each
  • 44 questions total

*Difficulty of new questions based on student performance on the previous module

4 Sections:

  • English: 45 min. – 75 questions
  • Math: 60 min. – 60 questions
  • Reading: 35 min. – 40 questions
  • Science: 35 min. – 40 questions.


*Fast-paced, straightforward questions!

Length 2 hours and 14 minutes for 98 questions 2 hours and 55 minutes for 215 questions
Math Accounts for 50% of the total score

  • Algebra
  • Advanced Math
  • Problem-solving & data analysis
  • Geometry and trigonometry
  • Formulas given
Accounts for 25% of the composite score

  • Pre-algebra/algebra
  • Coordinate and plane geometry
  • Basic trigonometry
  • Formulas not given
Reading/Writing R/W Content:

  • Information & Ideas
  • Craft & Structure
  • Expression of Ideas
  • Standard English Conventions

Reading passages are drawn from three types of subject matter: English/World Literature, History/Social Studies, and Science.

Reading Section Content

  • Key Ideas & Details
  • Craft & Structure
  • Integration of Knowledge & Ideas

Reading passages are drawn from 4 subject areas:

  • Literature/Fiction
  • Social Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Natural Sciences


English Section Content

  • Production of Writing
  • Knowledge of Language
  • Conventions of Standard English
Science Some Science related questions in Reading passages and Math questions 40 reasoning questions within 6-7 passages, charts, tables, and diagrams to read and interpret
Essay None Optional 40 min. Essay test

Scored separately

Penalties No penalty for wrong answers No penalty for wrong answers
Scoring Scaled score (400-1600) (Reading/Writing + Math) The composite score is the average of the four tests
Total Points 200-800 points per section. Highest score = 1600 1-36 points per section. Highest score = 36
National Avg. Score – 2023 1028  19.5
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Texts we use:

College Board’s The Official Digital SAT Study Guide

Wiley’s The Official ACT Prep Guide






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