Private digital SAT Prep

Private dSAT tutoring offers students an excellent opportunity to prepare for the SAT in an individualized setting at a different time and location than our scheduled dSAT courses. To complete our full digital SAT Course, students must commit to six classes – 9.5 hours.  Additional hours may be recommended for some students based on their digital PSAT results or previous dSAT scores. For students who only need to prepare for one part of the dSAT, a minimum of 3 sessions is required.

Materials: College Board’s The Official Digital SAT Study Guide is the best dSAT preparation text because it contains real dSATs. Based on previous scores, we may recommend an additional textbook to focus on an area of weakness. Test Preps will provide a curriculum folder with dSAT preparation materials. Students will complete online practice tests using Bluebook – a new digital testing application available in conjunction with their College Board account.

Approximately 3-4 hours of homework for the week is assigned at each session. Students are encouraged to break it into 2-4 manageable chunks rather than complete it all in one sitting. Success on the dSAT largely depends on the student’s work at home, internalizing the strategies we teach, and then conscientiously completing practice tests.

The hourly rate for private dSAT tutoring is $90 per hour. Dates/times/location will be arranged based on the student’s availability. For semi-private tutoring (2 students), the hourly rate is $80 per hour per student. For three or more students, the hourly rate is $70 per hour per student. (Maximum: 4 students) Parents and students are responsible for forming their own small groups. Please use the Contact Us form to contact us about private tutoring.

2023 – 2024 SAT Test Dates

2023:  Aug. 26 • Oct. 7 • Nov. 4 • Dec. 2
2024:   March 9 • May 4 • June 1 
(All digital SAT exams)






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